Unique Technology-Based Colorado Real Estate Brokerage

About the Business:  This is your opportunity to own a unique real estate brokerage business that utilizes technology and harnesses the power of the internet to drive business in a non-traditional format.

While it is the norm for real estate brokerages to use relationship-based marketing, this real estate brokerage practices differently with their proprietary technology platform, resulting in an extremely satisfying professional career with a consistent and reliable revenue stream.

Most other real estate brokerage firms are built upon “spheres of influence”, networking events, personalities, billboard-type advertising, door knocking, phone calling, and mailings.  Most other firms get their leads from Facebook, Google Adwords, Zillow, etc. Do you want to own your own firm and practice real estate differently?  Then this forward-thinking opportunity may be for you!

This opportunity offers you much more than buying yourself a job in real estate.  You’ll be acquiring a fully operational, real estate technology platform, website, marketing systems, training, mature CRM, with leads in the pipeline and the ability to scale and expand across Colorado.

The ideal candidate to operate this business would be an individual that is interested in taking over and growing a non-traditional real estate business that is based on technology.  You should have interest in a web savvy business that combines the practice of real estate with very detailed systems and processes.  Another excellent possible candidate would be an existing real estate brokerage firm that has the desire to leverage a proven real estate technology model that can be implemented, scaled and optimized for integration into an established operation.

Organizational Structure/Staff Duties and Responsibilities:  The seller is the primary person performing the duties to broker real estate. All website development and administrative staff are contracted.  With overseeing the technological aspects of the business and also performing real estate functions with buyers and sellers outside the office, the seller estimates they work about 40 hours per week on average, but in the height of the season could put in 60 hours, while putting about 20 hours per week during the slower season. 

Depending on how the new owner would like to operate the business, they can take on a more managerial role while growing the business or can personally participate in transactions at the level they wish to practice.  

Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment and Assets:  The sale of the business includes everything you will need to continue all current facets and operations of the business. The Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment is minimal, approximately $1,000 since the business is mainly comprised of intellectual property, websites and goodwill.

Growth and Expansion for the Business: There are several ways in which to grow and expand the business, taking advantage of the infrastructure the sellers have developed. By simply hiring brokers in different geographic regions to distribute leads to, the business can gain a statewide presence. In lieu of bringing on additional brokers a new owner can enjoy the benefits of the platform by simply referring the lead generation to selected brokers in geographic areas. The two ideas can also be combined to create a flexible model that suits your goals.  The seller is eager to share their different ideas for growth and expansion with a new prospective owner.

Competition: This opportunity offers a strategic play and can put your real estate business miles ahead of your competitor.  Real Estate and technology are becoming increasingly congruent and dependent upon each other.  Technology companies are entering the market in attempt to solicit subscriptions and marketing dollars from real estate practitioners that have not already founded their business on a technology platform.  These different service offerings cannot come close to promising brokers they will actually be successful, rather, they can only allow practitioners to incorporate more technology to try to keep up with the herd.  Instead of being a passive participant forced into the rapidly changing tech real estate world, this business opportunity allows one to instantly take over an exceptional exclusive platform that enables overcoming a barrier to success that many other competitors will not be able to successfully achieve. 

Premises and Lease:  The business is 100% home-based and offers the flexibility of being transferred virtually anywhere.

Training and Transition:  Prospective buyers should possess, or be able to obtain, a Colorado Real Estate license in order to successfully oversee and

manage real estate transactions.  The seller will provide full training on all aspects of the operation and administration of the business, website, marketing methods, and training modules. The seller is willing to work in conjunction with a buyer to develop the most optimal transition plan, however, the

seller estimates a transition should take between 1 and 2 months, with some additional remote consult to assist with updating content and support related items.

Financing:  Because of the successful track record and excellent books, records, and accounting, this opportunity has been pre-approved by an SBA Lender to a qualified Buyer with only 20% Down Payment.  In order to qualify for  the loan, the buyer possess or be able to obtain a Colorado Real Estate License.

In lieu of SBA Loan Financing, Seller will also consider financing a portion of the business sale to a qualified buyer.  Terms are dependent

upon prospective buyer’s creditworthiness, experience, skills, and personal collateral.  

Reason for Selling:  Sellers would like to move out of state and focus the other business they have started.