Unique Established Profitable Fast-Casual Restaurant Concept

About the Business:  This is your opportunity to own and operate a uniquely themed, non-franchised, fast-casual restaurant concept with ability to scale and expand to multiple locations.  Excellent accounting, books and records and a fair price have made the business able to be pre-approved for an SBA Loan.

Despite the pandemic, and its effect on the food and hospitality industry in general, 2020 was the restaurant’s best year.  In fact, to date in 2021, the restaurant’s revenue is nearly 30% higher than the comparable period in 2020, its best year.  The restaurant has excellent online reviews and has won several awards.

Organizational Structure/Staff Duties and Responsibilities:  Fully Staffed. The management team includes a General Manager, Kitchen Manager and an Assistant Kitchen Manager that have been with the restaurant since its inception.  Seller is mostly absentee but maintains a small presence mainly to oversee operations, back up when needed and to handle the office/accounting functions, although the GM is fully trained and capable of those functions.  

Inventory & FFE:  The sale of business includes approximately $176,000 of Furniture/Fixtures/Equipment and $12,000 of Inventory.  A full list of FFE is detailed on the Schedule A.  The seller put in over $315,000 of leasehold improvements when building out the space.  The new owner will be the beneficiary of utilizing these improvements.

Hours of Operation:  Open Daily for Lunch through Dinner.

Growth and Expansion for the Business: This fast-casual proven concept adopts the lifestyle choices we are known for, such as being environmentally friendly and health-conscious.  The current location was considered by the owner to be the flagship location.  As the growth curve of this location has continued upward over the past few years, the concept has proven to be viable and, unlike many restaurants, has flourished during the pandemic.  The opportunity is a unique brand that was designed based on research of similar operations in the Denver metro area and in other areas of the country that have demonstrated success with a similar concept.  It is poised for expansion for ownership with the financial resources to take it to the next level and has a solid management team in position to lead that expansion. 

Premises and Lease:  In a carefully and strategically selected location by the Seller, the location fits most of the criteria desired, including high traffic counts, excellent adjacent parking, a present and supportive landlord, and a below-market rent factor with a 15-year lease (a 5-year initial term and two 5-year options).  The space occupies approximately 3000 square feet and was designed and built to be an efficient fast-casual restaurant space.  The restaurant holds a Hotel & Restaurant liquor license in good standing with the State of Colorado.   A complete copy of the current lease is available upon request.  The Seller has an excellent relationship with the landlord and a new business owner with good credit should be able to continue the relationship, and may transfer the current lease, but will most likely obtain a new comparable lease (please note that SBA Loans require a lease that has terms of 10 years).  Sellers will make introductions to the landlord at the appropriate time and facilitate the process of lease acquisition.

Training and Transition:  Since opening the business, the Sellers have prepared meticulously for an eventual transfer of the business that would be turnkey in nature.  There are detailed manuals of policies and procedures in place.  There are records of recipes, pictures, and instructions for all the items.  Sellers are enthusiastic about sharing his recipe for success and ability to expand to an eager new operator.  2 weeks of training are included in the sale of the business, but additional operational assistance can be available on a consulting basis.

Financing:  Because of the excellent books, records, and accounting, the business has been pre-approved by an SBA Lender to a qualified Buyer with only 10% Down Payment.  To qualify for the loan, the buyer should have food service/restaurant management experience, and also not be an investor or absentee owner.  Established and profitable opportunities that beat the pandemic are rare in the restaurant industry. 

Reason for Selling:  The owners are selling the business due to age and health issues that will limit their ability to take it to the next level.