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Buyer Registration

Step #2. Confidential Purchaser Profile

If you have not already completed Step #1, please click on the

Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement before starting Step #2.

Why do I need to provide a Confidential Purchaser Profile?

The Confidential Purchaser Profile is step 2 of the Buyer Registration and is completed after the Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement. In completing the Confidential Purchaser Profile the prospective buyer provides both financial information and also details about the type of business they are interested in, goals, expectations, etc.

    • The purpose of the Confidential Purchaser Profile is to demonstrate to the Seller that you have the ability to purchase the business, should you desire to do so, after full investigation of the business.
    • It allows us to help you determine if a business opportunity meets your goals and objectives.
    • It allows us to provide you some recommendations about how to best finance your purchase.
    • It lets the Seller know your purchasing ability and expectations so that neither of you waste your time.