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I’m interested in buying a business

We love to see business buyers realize their dream and we want the buyers we work with to enjoy successful profitable businesses. You will find that InterMountain Business Brokers lists only quality businesses that meet our criteria. Please view business opportunity listings.

Complete the online Buyer Registration for all of our business opportunity listings as well as those listings we cooperate with other business brokers on to receive more information.

A few questions you may ask when looking to buy a business

Why should I complete the Buyer Registration?

Buyer Registration is a 2 step process that includes completing and signing both a Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement and the Confidential Purchaser Profile. Here are some reasons why a serious prospective buyer should complete the Buyer Registration:

  • You will be able to expedite the buying process by putting yourself in a position to quickly receive information about the business you are interested in so you can determine if it is a match.
  • You will be demonstrating to the Seller that you are serious about your business inquiry and have the ability to follow through with a purchase, should you decide to do so, after full investigation.
  • We will be able to contact you first with other new business opportunity listings that meet your requirements. This happens more often than you think.
  • We will be able to refer you, or work with you as a Buyer’s Representative, for business opportunity listings that other Brokers have.

In purchasing a business there are many things to consider such as why you want to purchase a business, what your goals and expectations are, what the benefits are of working with a professional Business Broker, what a fair price is for a business, and how to structure the purchase/sale.

Completing the online Buyer Registration as a first step can make our first conversation more objective so you can make the most informed decision possible.

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Why do I need to sign a Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement?

Completing and signing the Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement is step 1 of the Buyer Registration. The majority of all sellers prefer to maintain confidentiality during the process of selling their business. If confidentiality is breached the business can be affected negatively in several ways, for example:

  • Employees may start to look for positions elsewhere for fear they may lose their jobs.
  • Customers might switch to the competitor for fear they may not receive the same standard of service.
  • Vendors and Suppliers may find alternative outlets for their goods for fear the new owner won’t have the credit rating or be able to keep up the volume.
  • Competitors may take advantage of the perceived instability caused by the transition.
  • Complete the Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement online as part of the Buyer Registration or download the Buyer Registration Packet and submit it via email or fax.
Why do I need to provide a Confidential Purchaser Profile?

The Confidential Purchaser Profile is step 2 of the Buyer Registration and is completed after the Non-disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement. In completing the Confidential Purchaser Profile the prospective buyer provides both financial information and also details about the type of business they are interested in, goals, expectations, etc.

  • The purpose of the Confidential Purchaser Profile is to demonstrate to the Seller that you have the ability to purchase the business, should you desire to do so, after full investigation of the business.
  • It allows us to help you determine if a business opportunity meets your goals and objectives.
  • It allows us to provide you some recommendations about how to best finance your purchase.
  • It lets the Buyer know your purchasing ability and expectations so that neither of you waste your time.
  • Complete the online Buyer Registration or download the Buyer Registration Packet and submit it via email or fax.
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