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  • Sell a Business -We are your partner

I’m interested in seeing what my business might sell for in today’s current market.

The first step in getting a business sold is to determine the Fair Market Value of the business. To accomplish this, we offer a Courtesy Valuation of your business at absolutely no cost or obligation!

Please see our Seller’s Action List which contains the information that we will need to provide you with a Courtesy Valuation of your business. Coincidentally, potential buyers will also request this information during the business purchase process.

Please contact us when you have had an opportunity to gather this information and I will set up an appointment to review it, look over your business and begin the Courtesy Valuation process.

We look forward to working with you!

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Attributes Of a Business That Are Attractive to the Buyer
  • The Seller is motivated and has a post-sale plan.
  • The business is in a desirable location (if not relocatable)
  • The asking price makes economic sense.
  • The Seller is prepared to carry back a portion of the Purchase Price.
  • The business has detailed and accurate financial information.
  • The business is profitable and trending towards continuing profitability.
  • If there is a Premises Lease, it is transferable and extendable at a reasonable rental rate.
  • If there are Equipment Leases, they are assignable to a qualified buyer.
  • The business is not too “equipment heavy”
  • The business has trained management and employees that are interested in staying on with the Buyer.

Other attributes of a business that are attractive to a Buyer-Prospect might include things such as businesses with low overhead, long stable history, few employees, and business that have lifestyle/quality of life benefits.

Steps to Success

Below is an overview of the Steps to Success that we will perform to list and sell your business for the highest price in the least amount of time:

  1. Perform a Courtesy Valuation of your Business at No Cost or Obligation.
  2. Prepare a complete history and financial package for prospective buyers.
  3. Feature your business on all of our websites.
  4. Showcase your business on other Business Opportunity Websites that reach buyers globally.
  5. Expose your business to our opt-in database of pre-qualified buyers and also to Co-operating Business Brokers.
  6. Present and show your business to only qualified buyers that meet your criteria.
  7. Structure the sale of your business.
  8. Negotiate the transaction.
  9. Develop the purchase agreement.
  10. Follow up through completion and FUNDING!
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