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Business Valuation Denver

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Business Valuation – Denver area:

Business valuations are key to creating a strategy for positioning, marketing, and selling your business. Once you, as the prospective Business Seller, provide us the information necessary listed on the Seller’s Action List, my team will be happy to work with you to provide you a comprehensive Business Valuation report of your local Denver area offering to help in the creation of a strategy to get your business SOLD at the highest price and for the best possible terms.

Business Valuation – Denver Metro area:

Whether you live in Denver proper, Centennial, Arvada, Lakewood, Aurora, Westminster, Thornton, Castle Rock, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Northglenn, Littleton, Boulder, Englewood, Brighton, Louisville, Wheat Ridge, Commerce City, Brighton, Castle Pines or anywhere in between and even beyond, what we aim to provide for you is not an online calculator that is probably inaccurate, and not what you truly need.

We aim to provide a true business valuation for your local area business, with research and comparison data, giving you a true assessment you can utilize to determine your next move in selling your business.

Business Valuation Terminology:

Here are just a few things we will discuss when we meet to talk about your Business Valuation report. All of these topics are things you need to understand and consider prior to committing to a sale.

  • Direct, personal assessment of both the probability of selling your business at the targeted pricing in addition to the potential sale price range for your business.
  • A true explanation of terms you probably have seen floated but might not necessarily understand in regards to the valuation and therein potential sale of your business such as:
    Earnings Before Interest, Taxes and Amortization
    Adjusted Net Income, Adjusted Net Profit and Adjusted Annual Profit
    – Seller Discretionary Earnings
    Cash Flow
    Gross Sales
    – Owner’s Beneficial Income
  • What roles, when assessing and contemplating the sale of your business and what pricing to set it at do both Multiples and Rules of Thumb play into that process?
  • What, if any, are the business in the area that are comparable to yours that have been sold in a reasonable time window to valuation assessment, or should be looked at that are currently for sale for that business valuation?
  • An in depth conversation about how to structure the important Terms of Sale in advance so you can be prepared with decisions on such important aspects like a willingness to finance a portion of the purchase price, whether that is even necessary, and how the terms you set will affect the likely duration your business will be on the market and the ever important sale price! Further, a key aspect to the business valuation process in regard to Terms of Sale is an analysis of if your business is in fact a solid candidate to for a Small Business Association as well as how and why this could be a significant benefit to you in the sale process.
  • We will discuss with you the probable target market for buyers. Who that might me, why they might be the best target market, and how to present your business in the best light.
  • Perhaps most importantly, and often overlooked, is to truly understand what your motivation is to sell your business first and foremost, as well as the true understand of the likely potential it is to sell your business, how “sellable” it will be in the current market for what it is as an offering in the market today.
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