Unique Window Replacement Business - Online Business Marketers Dream

ebusinessAbout the business:  This business is a very profitable and unique window replacement dealership that specializes in simplifying the entire window purchasing and installation process.  Rather than being “just another window sales company”, this business has many attributes that make it very similar to an online Internet-based website business opportunity.  Marketing (Not Sales)!  The owner does not talk directly to customers and the website drives the advertising and marketing for the business.  The owner has created many online automated processes that offer a competitive edge and truly simplify the entire window replacement process.   An excellent candidate to take over this business would be an individual that is successful at online marketing, and also possesses the ability to continually reflect on how to streamline processes and automate them via the Internet.  If you are a person that enjoys creative technological marketing, but sees the great opportunity to fulfill the underserved service industry our country is currently faced with, then you would be a great candidate to own and operate this business.

Besides the owner, the business has two full-time employees and one independent contractor.  As farzenwindowsshoot-83 as time spent on the business, the owner puts in about 40 hours per week, but since he has been operating a new business he has been working on implementing even more streamlined processes that maximize efficiency and will afford him the opportunity to reduce his business operation time to 10-20 hours per week. A new owner could choose to operate the business with the reduced workload or take advantage of the spare time to continue to grow the business. This business is not a franchise and there are no ongoing royalties.

moneyfrompcSome of the unique things that the owner has incorporated include building a CRM specifically for the window replacement business, creating unique unparalleled web content, creating automated replies for bidding and scheduling, and hiring personnel to do the day-to-day operational tasks so he can concentrate on strategic growth. All of these things have resulted the business having a much higher conversion rate of inquiries to installations.  The good news is that the owner is such a process-oriented person that he is proud of what he has created and believes it can be transferred and taught quite easily.

This business opportunity has been pre-qualified by WellsFargo for an SBA Loan with a 15-20% down payment, for a qualified buyer.

Growth and Expansion: The market for window replacement in the Denver Metro area remains zenwindowsshoot-5strong and the business continues to trend upward.  Because the owner has created transferrable automated processes and operational systems, the business is very scalable.  It should be noted that the owner feels that although a new owner can expand geographically, there remains a lot of business to be captured locally in the Denver Metro market.

Competition:  Some of the competitors include Champion, Renewal by Andersen, Lifetime Windows, K&H and some small local window companies, but here is what sets this business apart.  There are no salesmen, and the process for a customer to obtain replacement windows can be accomplished in four easy steps, and much of the process is automated and can be done over the Internet.  It can be an overwhelming task for a homeowner to shop for windows and have the confidence the job will be done right at a fair cost.  Simply put, this business makes it easier than the competitors.  The owner states what sets handshakepchim apart is that “the business offers a great experience for customers.”

Training and Transition:  Complete training of 30 days is included in the sale of the business.  As you read this, know the owner is continually revamping the business processes and is excited about making a seamless transition for a new owner.  The owner is proud that all of the automated processes, SEO and marketing methods can be transferred.  The owner is going to be remaining in the area after the sale and can offer additional consulting help beyozenwindowsshoot-6nd the training if a Buyer feels they need it.

Reason for Selling:  The seller has another business interest he would like to focus on.