Regional Partner for Construction Management Sales Franchise

const1Construction Management Sales Opportunity Regional Hands-On Investment Partners are, in essence, the managing partners of this unique Custom Homes Franchise. Decision for company direction and high-level management comes from Regional Partners in collaboration with the Corporate Management Team. Regional Partners will operate their own pilot location and then work with the Corporate Franchisor to recruit, train and support between 16 Territorial Partner Franchisees within their exclusive Region.const2

The ideal Regional Candidate will demonstrate strong management ability and a desire to develop and market their Region to maximize economic growth. Promoting Brand recognition, quality workmanship and an unwavering reputation are its cornerstones.

Revenue streams: Custom Home and Commercial Construction as well as Residential and Commercial Renovations.

constAA Proven, Unique and All Encompassing Construction Format: Internet savvy and software friendly, this business entity requires few employees, no heavy equipment and can be run from a home office. Construction projects are client funded in advance of any worked performed. (Please contact us for additional details about the general construction process.)

Accounting Support: Corporate management of all payables, receivables, payroll, cash flow projections, and accounting paperwork. Proprietary online software tracks project costs, budgets, & profitability in an understandable format in real time. Employee daily timesheet tracking and reporting. A “Less is More” business model which minimizes overhead and maximizes profitability and financial viability.

Marketing Support: A full web marketing management package including SEO, PPC, social media, blogs, and management of online profiles. Print and promotional materials, customized by location. Powerful CRM software and lead tracking systems to ensure return on investment. Innovative marketing strategies developed specifically for local markets with full support. World Class training workshops on sales, marketing, business development and personal development. Large brand recognition drives leads and business to Partners at the local level.