Online Corporate Logistics Business

About the Business:   This business has been serving clients with the much-needed unique service of providing interpretation and translation services exclusively for professional institution clients and organizations for over 20 years! This is your opportunity to own and operate an exciting, fast-paced family business that is based out of the home. The main office can easily be relocated to anywhere in the Denver Metro area, and there is an opportunity to work remotely from anywhere. Operating this business requires no prior experience in this industry.


Here are some key highlights of the opportunity:

  • No former experience in the interpretation/translation industry required.
  • Established, Experienced, Qualified diverse pool of over 100 interpreters and translators.
  • Home-Based office can be easily relocated.
  • Very Low Overhead Business
  • Request fulfillment business – clients established and in place
  • One of the very few market participants that provides both spoken language and American Sign Language Interpretation. This company stands out from the crowd
  • One-stop shop for interpretation and translation of written documents. Able to accommodate interpretation needs for over 80 spoken languages and American Sign Language.
  • Exclusively Institutional/Professional Clients: Courts, Government Agencies, School Districts, Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Hospitals, Small and Medium Sized Medical Offices, Social Services, Conferences, Political and other Special Events
  • Repeat Clients and business legacy spanning over 20 years! Stellar reputation among both clients and interpreters.
  • Known for reliability and prompt service.
  • Provides interpretations services both In-Person and Remotely
  • Covers the entire state of Colorado
  • All interpreters are independent contractors
  • Very Transferrable Business – Not dependent on the Seller

This is a business opportunity that provides a unique, essential business service to longstanding professional clients. Most clients are legally required to provide language interpretation/translation services to their customers.  Therefore, the need for interpretation and translation services is unrelated to the economic cycles. While the business is a relatively simple business, the barrier to entry is significant.  The seller will attest that it has taken many years, coupled with specialized knowledge of the industry to build a seasoned pool of reliable professional interpreters that is able to handle the multitude of professional interpretation services the business is able to provide. An excellent buyer might include someone who has excellent communication skills, general business experience, pays close attention to details, desires to provide prompt client service, and enjoys working with a wide variety of people. The business keeps normal business hours of 8am to 5pm M-F. One person could own and operate this business, but is also an ideal business for a multi-generational 2 person ownership team, or sibling team. Structured in this fashion would provide a lot of flexibility for the owner.

The skill or “art of the business” is discernment and ability to assign the right interpreter for the required job. For example, is the interpreter required for a trial or a simple hearing? Is interpreter needed in person or remotely?

This is a business where to take over the current business, you will not have to put forth a lot of outside sales efforts. It is really an order-taking business, and as long as you can fill the orders with the right interpreters you will be successful. The fee structure is established in a consistent organized fashion that makes it simple for the new owner to continue the current revenue model.

Equipment:  The business will require the new owner to have typical home business equipment such as desk, computer, printer/scanner/copier, fax or e-fax line and cell phone (ideally two phone numbers are needed: one for clients and one for interpreters). The seller is planning on keeping his current home office equipment for future endeavors. All programs, files, and digital property of the business can easily be transferred. 

Training and Transition:  Complete Training is provided in the sale of the business. Training can be based upon buyer’s skills and experience, however buyer should expect that typical adequate training should be a few weeks followed by some phase-out weeks.

Financing:  Because of the excellent books, records, and accounting, the business has been pre-approved by an SBA Lender to a qualified Buyer with only 10% Down Payment.  In order to qualify for the loan, the buyer should have a track record of successful general business experience, and also not be an investor or absentee owner. Buyers will need to have appropriate credit rating to qualify for the loan, and anyone seeking SBA financing should speak to the lender to verify qualifications prior to meeting with the Seller. 

Reason for Selling:  Seller would like to pursue other career and business endeavors.