Profitable Turnkey Dog Grooming Business

Here is your opportunity to own and operate an established exceptional dog grooming business in desirable Evergreen, Colorado. This leading salon offers a safe, gentle, and stress-free experience for furry friends. This business is known for their ethical practices and prides itself on providing the highest standards of care and health.

Important: Please note that if you believe you know the business to which this ad is referring, please be a professional and direct all inquiries to the broker, and please honor confidentiality by not approaching the place of business and talking to employees, customers, or the owner.

  • Prime Location: located in desirable Evergreen location, the salon is proximal to an animal hospital, ensuring high visibility and easy access.
  • Services Offered include range in the spectrum from bath and brush to full grooming, with breed-specific care and appointment extras including nail trims, teeth brushing, gland expression, de-skunking and handling matted coats.
  • Staff of professionally trained and certified groomers.
  • Transferrable lease and state-of-the-art equipment. The spacious facility includes separate bathing and grooming stations and a welcoming reception area.
  • Appointment only scheduling with online booking.

Financial Highlights Consistent growing revenue growth and high profit margins, supported by a loyal customer base and efficient operations.

Growth Potential: Expand hours of operation to weekends, expand services, enhance digital marketing, and explore partnerships with local pet-friendly businesses to further grow the customer base.

For more information, inquire today and start owning your dream business in Evergreen!