Unique Established Engine Oil Filter Manufacturing and Distribution Business

This is your opportunity to acquire a unique manufacturer and distributor of reusable, high-performance engine oil filters.  Established almost 25 years ago as a boutique/hobby business, the business has grown to currently having over 140 different filter models used across a variety of industries in a variety of applications. In addition to maintaining steady growth across the entire product line, the business is experiencing major traction in several verticals of the business.  However, the business is poised for, and experiencing, immediate growth in the Fleet and Heavy-Duty Equipment industries.

There are many market drivers that fuel the reputation and growth of the brand, including performance, quality, utility, maintenance savings, environmental, and more.  The product serves to answer a multitude of needs and fits nicely into individual consumer applications as well as industrial, fleet, OEM and military.

Ideal Buyer: This isn’t your typical business sale, where price = multiple of EBITA . We’re not looking for someone to just buy a job. Instead, we seek a growth-minded buyer who sees the potential to scale this unique business. The path to scaling requires capital investment. There is approximately $500,000 of usable parts and sellable inventory. The owner is flexible and willing to stay on board in various capacities post-sale. Seller is open to creative sale structures including cash, seller financing, earnouts, rolled equity, and combinations thereof. This business appeals to automotive enthusiasts, engineers, manufacturers, and those with mechanical aptitudes. But equally crucial are traits like business development, scalability, and vision. Partnerships or teams embodying these qualities are also welcome.

While the business is profitable, we’re not seeking buyers looking for immediate personal income. Instead, we want someone who understands that reinvesting profits back into the business is key to sustainable growth. In short, we’re looking for a buyer or team ready to invest in the future success of the business, rather than just seeking immediate returns.

Product can filter the following fluids: Hydraulic, Cooling, Water, Oil, Fuel, Transmission, Heating Oil.

Product Benefits:

  • Convenience (no new paper filter stock or used disposal, service truck space savings, reduced logistics for remote locations (military and off-road equipment)
  • Performance / mileage increase
  • Fluid cooling
  • Filter appearance
  • Filter cost savings over time
  • Increased asset longevity
  • Environmental impacts
  • Higher fluid flow rates
  • Increased filter efficiency with less bypass operation

Filter Current Applications:

  • Automotive,
  • Motorcycle,
  • Power Sports,
  • Challenger Aviation,
  • Marine,
  • Over the Road Trucks,
  • Construction Equipment,
  • Generators,
  • Lawnmowers

Transition: Seeking to turn the business over to an entity that is interested in guiding it through explosive growth, and who wants to reap the rewards of those efforts.  Some of this guidance will include increasing manufacturing capabilities, delivering on increasing purchase order volumes, developing new applications to compliment the current product line and expanding applications into other markets such as large truck, industrial equipment, construction, hydraulics, wind generators, etc.  Many of these projects are already identified, solutions are at various stages of completion, and many are ready to release.  Searches in Google and online forums/message boards will reveal the outstanding reputation of the product, company, and its philosophy. A transition of the business will include tutelage and involvement from the founder and current leader of the business.

The sale of the business comes with everything a new owner needs to step in and continue the operations and prepare to grow the business. There are meticulous processes and manuals in place for all steps of operation of the business. A patent and all intellectual property is included in the sale. The business sells primarily through dealers. However, there is a website (also included in the sale) that offers the opportunity to sell direct to consumer.

The shop is approximately 2400 sq. feet and the lease is transferrable

The shop is extremely clean and well-organized and is outfitted with all facets of cleaning, assembling, packaging, and R&D.

Staff/Employees: Besides the owner, there are 2 full-time and 2 part-time employees.

Reason for Selling: Seller, though in excellent health, is nearing retirement age and believes that a more experienced ownership team can propel the business to new heights. Operating for nearly 25 years as a hobby, Seller sees potential for growth beyond his capacity. While seller could comfortably retire with an income stream from the business, he envisions a creative sale structure to maximize the business’s potential. Seller is open to remaining involved post-sale and has a personal interest in seeing the business flourish under new leadership.