Highly Profitable Roofing Business - No need to get on the roof and no experience necessary!

roofing resizeNo need to get on the Roof! Personality equals success!

This highly profitable roofing company is primarily a residential roofing company that was established in 2009 and serves the Colorado region. They are known for their professionalism, thoroughness and attention to details. Their strong reputation is evident by the high rate of referral business, strong reviews and the fact they have earned an A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau. The business can be easily relocated, or based out of the home, anywhere in the Denver Metro Area.
Projects include new roofs, roofing repairs, gutters, siding, and other associated work that falls under homeowner insurance claims. A majority of projects completed involve insurance claims.The business has one owner, and there is one additional full-time employee. The owner’s duties include Sales/Marketing, general business operations, ordering supplies, estimating bids, and project supervision. The employee’s duties include invoicing, A/R, customer/ insurance communication, and scheduling. It is important to emphasize that the owner believes the business is not dependent upon him personally and a new owner should experience the same success so long as he/she is willing to be personable and demonstrate competency. The owner will personally introduce the new owner to all of the business relationships.

This business is very attractive to someone looking to break into a first business. The accounting, books and records are extremely clean.

There is no prior roofing experience needed to operate this business, however, ideal candidates who may have an interest in purchasing this roofing business might possess the following: a general knowledge of construction or roofing, general business management skills, and roofing/construction sales skills, roofing/construction supervisor or management background. Also, people such as firefighters, coaches, teachers, and anyone who has lots of connections in the area would be a good fit as well. Once you meet the owner, he is sure you will feel comfortable about his ability to pass the torch on and teach you everything you need to successfully operate the business. Important to note, the owner had no prior roofing experience prior to starting this roofing business, and was taught by a mentor.

Financing: With a 50% down payment (approximately $250,000) Seller is willing to provide financing for 3 years. The fact the seller is willing to finance 50% should provide confidence to a Buyer that the Seller is going to do the absolute best job possible to provide a smooth, successful transition.

In addition, the business may be eligible for an SBA Loan if the buyer has specific industry experience. With an SBA Loan, it is possible that only approximately $50,000 down payment would be required.

Facilities: Business is leased, and Lease is transferrable if buyer desires. Business is not dependent upon location and can be relocated to elsewhere in the Denver Metro Area if Buyer desires.
Competition:The Denver Metro area has lots of roofing companies infiltrate the area, especially after storms come through and do considerable damage. Many roofing companies unfortunately have a reputation for being fly-by-night or out-of-state operations that don’t have the customers’ best interests in mind. This roofing business has been in business nearly 10 years and is known for their honesty and integrity.
Growth & Expansion:  There is specific opportunity to expand the business through more targeted Internet Marketing, use of Social Media, and Door-to-Door sales after hail storms. The owner has purposely chosen to not employ these strategies simply because the owner was plenty busy with the current marketing methods being utilized. The owner also believes there is an expansion opportunity in the high country by capitalizing on the fact that the business is a certified vendor for a ski resort. Also, the Owner has a specific growth plan outlined that he would use if he were to continue to own and operate the business. The owner will happily share the business plan at his discretion with prospective buyers.
Support & Training: 30 Days of Training is included in the sale price of the business. However, the Owner is available to consult or contract after the training period if desired by the Buyer. Once the Owner is familiar with the specific skills and experience of the prospective Buyer, he will discuss with the Buyer about what would be the best arrangement to make them successful.
Reason for Selling: Relocation, only after successful transition.