Evergreen Landscaping & Property Maintenance Business - Year-Round with Commercial Contracts

181 About the business:  For nearly 20 years this Landscaping & Property Maintenance business is a very profitable and well-managed, year-round, full-service landscaping and property maintenance business in Evergreen, Colorado.

Besides the owner, there are approximately 15 full-time employee.  There is enough year-round work to keep the full staff busy throughout the year.  Some differentiating factors between this business and other landscaping businesses is the combination of a longevity, the desirable location of Evergreen, and steady commercial contracts. These attributes put the business in a unique position where it has the corner on the market with very little competition.

The revenue of this Landscaping & Property Maintenance business is comprised of several 2 yearsod2 contracts that account for the majority of the business income.  In addition, with the exception of just a few large clients, most of the business is centralized in the Evergreen-Conifer geographic area.

The business prides itself on offering personalized, professional solutions to all of his customer’s landscaping and maintenance needs.  Services include (but are not limited to):


  • commercial & residential lawn maintenance
  • commercial snow removal
  • landscaping design & installation
  • aeration & fertilizationmaint2
  • seasonal clean-ups
  • commercial property maintenance
  • hardscape
  • retaining walls
  • sprinkler system installation
  • fencing & water features
  • tree & shrub trimming
  • commercial & residential irrigation repairs & system blowout
  • fire mitigation

The sale of the business includes approximately $300,000 of Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment and there is very limited inventory that is also included in waterfeaturethe sale of the business.  The lease is currently $800.00 per month and can be transferred to a new owner.

The owners is open to seller-financing for up to 40% of the list price of the business to a qualified buyer.

Excellent prospective buyers might include a person that desires to own and operate a service business in the mountain area west of Denver. A person that has experience in construction, landscaping, building or property maintenance, and also possesses good relationship and management skills would be an ideal new owner of this business.maint

Growth and Expansion: The owner has been operating the business on more of a part-time basis, estimating that he spends approximately 4 hours per day on the business.  Certainly a new owner can dedicate a more full-time presence and grow the business.

In addition, there are calls on a very frequent basis and the owner turns down jobs that a new owner could choose to take on.  The discussion on growth and expansion is confidential and more will be shared on that topic when the Non-disclosure Agreement is received.

Although a new owner could choose to expand down into the west metro Denver area, the owner believes there is plenty of opportunity in the local foothills Evergreen/Conifer area to significantly increase the business.

Training and Transition:  Complete training is included in the sale, but the owner is negotiable outdoor-spaceon the time frame.  His goal is ultimately accommodate a buyer in being able to transition and carry on the business, as well as take care of the employees.  The owner understands that the employees are important and expects that once the business is under contract, that a buyer will want to talk to the staff when the time is appropriate.  The owner is willing to help convey an appropriate message to customers that would align with the Buyer’s goal of continuing the contracts and relationships that are in place.

Reason for Selling: The owner has experienced some health difficulties because of an accident not related to work. pica